Risk & Compliance

Department purpose

With great power comes great responsibility. And in the Risk and Compliance team, we make sure that everyone at Lunar keeps that in mind in everything they do. More specifically, our main task is to ensure that we always operate within the given regulations and risk appetite. That’s why both teams play a key role in every part of the organization.

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How we work

Navigating an organization through hypergrowth is everything but easy. But we do it anyway. Through risk assessments and compliance procedures, both teams operate cross-functionally in ensuring the best possible outcome throughout all of our activities. And by doing so, they ensure a healthy and strong base from which we can scale safely. 

The perfect match

You’re not afraid of taking responsibility, and it shows in your actions. To you, no case is too complex and too challenging. On the contrary, you love a good challenge! You’re structured and base your decisions upon knowledge rather than gut feeling. But you still remain curious and dare to challenge the norm.